8 Jun

This Ramadan, we are humbled by students like fourth-grader Zirwa...

Click here to Donate Online! As we reflect on life’s blessings this Ramadan, we are humbled by students like fourth-grader Zirwa, who ... more

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5 Feb

DIL Student Awarded President's Gold Medal by Pakistan Boy Scouts Association

This past December, DIL-NOWA school student Zamin Raza Mangi was awarded the President's Gold Medal by the Pakistan Boy Scouts Association. ... more


No child in Pakistan, no matter how poor or underprivileged should be denied access to quality education. All children should have equal opportunity to reach their full potential and contribute toward the socio-economic betterment of their communities.


  • 99%  Complete Primary School
  • 88%  Go On to High School
  • 21 to 1  Student Teacher Ratio
  • 124  Campuses
  • 48  Computer Labs
  • 0.57%  Drop Out


One student’s emotional story

“My father promised me a computer if I do well. Inshallah, I will not let him ...

Farzana Sial: A Story of Change

Being a teacher in the underprivileged communities of Pakistan can bring ...

Meet Akash, an 8 year old DIL student...

Meet Akash, an 8 year old DIL student who also serves as head of his househol...

First-time Prosperity: Farzana Habib

Farzana Habib was married at twelve to a man three times her age. “I knew he ...